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1 Gbps fibre blade

1 Gbps fibre blade

The GE Fiber blade features 24 GE/FE Ethernet point-to-point single-fiber subscriber ports using compact SFP (cSFP) modules on a single-slot card achieving a high port density that doubles the capacity of each SI3000 Lumia node. With its full 1G high symmetrical speed per port it is a perfect solution for the demanding customer.

The dual-rate GE and FE interfaces offer mixed configurations and a gradual migration from FE to GE by just changing the optical modules (pay as you grow). The GE fiber blade offers the rich functionality needed in intelligent services access networks with ISA (Intelligent Service Access) such as flow awareness, QoS mechanisms, policers, large buffers, profiles. The diagnostics of optical lines and improved flexibility on the subscriber port is introduced. For business customers we offer MEF-certified services.

Key features:

  • Dual-rate GE/FE offer cost-efficient implementation
  • Subscriber flow awareness
  • Strong security features
  • Superior multicast (multiple HDTV streams)
  • Single-step double VLAN tagging, selective Q-in-Q
  • Optical line diagnostics

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