The Open Broadband Access Networks

Building open broadband-access networks has a tremendous impact on the development of modern society. Operators, of course, are fully aware of this fact.

Traditionally, the development of a telecommunications infrastructure has been in the hands of the large incumbent operators. In the populated city areas the access to services is facilitated, but local communities are also interested in building new broadband networks, accompanied by all new available services. They envision a better and more equal broadband distribution in the rural and suburban areas although the high investment costs limit smaller operators when it comes to building new broadband networks in these areas.

Challenges for Operators and Service Providers
Operators and service providers face many new challenges when providing services in the open broadband-access environment. Namely, broadband access users look for a fair access to services provided by different, usually competing, service providers. The open-access model represents an evolutionary step forward and beyond the traditional wholesale access model where a single provider offered its services over the network provider’s resources.

  • Autonomous service selection
  • Simplicity of choosing the services
  • A common service-delivery infrastructure

The support for the open-access model is becoming a reality with the much anticipated EU Telecommunications Reform representing a requirement imposed on network operators within the EU and abroad.

The Goal for User Experience: an Unlimited Service Access
The quality of the user’s experience will determine the provider’s success or failure. Being aware of user’s expectations and respect for their importance enables
the success of parties in the service-delivery chain: service providers, integrators and network providers. The true competition is enforced on the market – users demand a better choice and quality of services combined with lower prices.

Interconnecting Elements in Open Access
The open-access approach ensures an effective service delivery infrastructure. Its  fundament is the Intelligent Service Access (ISA) architecture. It includes three
interconnected Iskratel elements: the SI3000 Lumia, the Innbox F20/F28 and the SI3000 Service Selection Platform (SSP).

Benefits of open access:

  • Personalized service delivery
  • Easy network provisioning
  • Effective service-delivery infrastructure
  • Readiness for a multi-service provider environment
  • Integrated element management
  • Delivery of any service to demanding users

When Services Become Personalized

Service Selection
Iskratel’s open access approach simplifies the access to services. The end-user accesses the SI3000 SSP and easily subscribes to new services, cancels existing services, or changes the service provider for a given type of service.

Path and service provisioning
The SI3000 SSP triggers the configuration changes in the access and aggregation network to provision the path for a service between the user’s and the service provider’s equipment. The provisioning includes inter-provider notification of the changes in order for the service providers to apply the necessary service-related changes.

Enabling the service
The Innbox F20 and F28 are managed directly from the SI3000 Lumia, keeping its management completely transparent. This greatly simplifies the management
principles and decreases the cost of the operating the network.

Service delivery
Being enabled across the network, the services are delivered to the user via the SI3000 Lumia and the Innbox F20/F28. The user’s satisfaction is guaranteed, thus
making a steady cash flow to the providers possible.

The SI3000 Lumia

The SI3000 Lumia is the new carrier-grade fiber-access node, designed to provide high-density access and aggregation for FTTH/FTTx broadband subscribers. The SI3000 Lumia fully supports the wholesale and open access business models.

The SI3000 Lumia in the open access:

  • Ensures a sufficient amount of bandwidth
  • Provides the ability to offer any type of service
  • Enables cost-effective network deployment
  • Lowers the TCO by reducing the need for an expensive IP edge device elements

This pure IP-based product offers high-density subscriber cards, and all the necessary intelligence that surpasses the competition on the market.

ISA management is placing the infrastructure management procedures onto a new fundament. The new approach radically simplifies management actions – the operator only has to manipulate with service and user profiles. Complex settings and configurations become obsolete.

The SI3000 Lumia revolutionizes the service-delivery chain by introducing the service-flow awareness into the access network. The SI3000 Lumia implements Iskratel’s patented Intelligent Service Access (ISA) network architecture, which introduces the missing intelligence into the access network. The ISA eliminates the need for an expensive IP edge device (BRAS), dramatically reducing operator’s TCO.

ISA – Intelligent Service Access

The ISA network architecture is suitable for both, the incumbents and the alternative operators, and is a perfect choice for the price-optimized green-field deployments.

Benefits of service-flow awareness with ISA in the access network:
• Precise control over the service delivery with per-service and per-user granularity
• Per-service policing, shaping and prioritization facilitate the enforcement of service-level agreements
• Enhanced network security
• Less complex design and dimensioning of the access and aggregation network

The access network allows the use of a user profile on multiple end-user devices and network elements. Profile management is replacing standard administrative management tasks. It cuts manipulation costs and eases service provisioning.

QoS for premium services, SLA mechanisms and predefined scenarios of network service consumption make the operator’s offer for business or residential users highly competitive.

The SI3000 Service-Selection Platform (SSP) performs two roles. It acts as the operator’s service-provisioning platform and provides broadband-access users with a free selection of various services. The services are offered and provided by different service providers and delivered across the same shared network resources of the network provider.

The SI3000 SSP, as one of the key components of the Iskratel’s open-access approach, provides lower operational costs to the providers, while improving the end-user’s satisfaction with autonomous service selection.

  • Service-Provider Management maintains an accurate database of all the service providers that provide services via the network provider’s network.
  • Service Management maintains a database of all the available services, including both their technical (required bandwidth, quality of service, etc.) and non-technical properties (e.g., pricing).
  • User Management maintains a database of all the network provider’s broadband users, and the devices they use for network termination.
  • Service Assignment enables users to select from among the available services and create a personalized set of services.
  • Inventory and Topology Management constructs an abstract representation of the underlying network and network elements that need to be configured in the processes of service assignment and monitoring.
  • Network Monitoring keeps track of the statuses of the underlying network and network elements that affect the delivery and availability of services.
  • Service Monitoring monitors the performance parameters of individual services and their availability to all the individual end users.
  • Event Monitoring logs all the triggered actions and error cases and allows their full traceability.

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