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Iskratel announces two new-generation GPON products.

New-gen GPON blade rounds-up Iskratel’s universal access platform SI3000 Lumia, while standalone pizza box SI3000 Lumia G8 covers smallest deployments. SI3000 Lumia family now supports all modern broadband technologies for deployments of all sizes, while reaping the benefits of SDN on broadband access!

Iskratel’s SI3000 Lumia is a family of multi-service access nodes, focused on fibre-based broadband communications. Unique support of numerous legacy technologies allows ISPs a gradual, painless evolution towards an all-fibre network.

The new-generation GPON blade is based on the absolutely latest generation of GPON chipset, making SI3000 Lumia the safest investment on the market, guaranteeing extended lifecycle and long-term support. Building on the latest generation of GPON chipset makes Iskratel the first on the market with a GPON platform that eliminates GPON compatibility headaches and guarantees the most complete GPON FTTH solution.

New-generation GPON is available as 8-port blade for SI3000 Lumia platform, and also as a standalone pizza box 1U GPON product called SI3000 Lumia G8, which features all the advanced SDN principles found in the SI3000 Lumia brand.

“When starting GPON deployments in fibre, xDSL or mixed environments, ISPs gain so much by choosing our SI3000 Lumia platform. Not only are they be able to support all access technologies from a single product, but the SI3000 Lumia is also extremely scalable! A wide range of SI3000 Lumia chassis and a standalone SI3000 Lumia G8 allow deployments of all sizes”, said the Director of Telco at Iskratel.

“Our pilot customers told us that with our new-generation GPON, telcos finally get the best of both worlds – a cost-effective and universal solution with unified management! While field-testing Iskratel’s software-defined broadband ISA technology, which facilitates complete control over service and application delivery, they were able to greatly enhance end users’ experience at optimal network utilization”, concluded by the Marketing Director at Iskratel.

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