The Kathrein Reader ARU4-ELC with integrated 65° Wide range antenna is a unit with an Ethernet communication interface and ©KRAI Interface for use in the frequency range from 865 to 868 MHz (865 to 867 MHz for India) for the EPC Gen2v2 standard (ISO 18000-63). With the Linux running on the embedded PC based on the Q7 standard, a high computing power is available. The user can set up and run his own complex applications. Thus, the device is ideal for applications with time-critical filters in high to very high tag populations.


Order No.: 52010225 | 52010226
  ARU4-ELK | ETSI & FCC | Data Sheet | PDF

Order No.: 52010270 | 52010271
  ARU4-ELC I ETSI & FCC I Data Sheet | PDF



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