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Unlimited mobility is one of the key success factors for modern civil societies and economic systems. However, growing volumes of traffic in urban conurbations mean that new, innovative solutions are required to efficiently manage transportation systems and private transport. Modern smart city solutions integrate various Auto-ID technologies in an effective overall context, combining cloud and IT-based network services as needed.

Kathrein is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of RFID identification systems. We offer the very highest-quality tailor-made turnkey solutions including hardware and software for AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification), ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), ETC (Electronic Toll Collect) and EVR (Electronic Vehicle Registration).

Using cutting-edge passive security transponder solutions, we are able to handle small and medium-sized challenges as well as large-scale projects such as complex, high-level government solutions. Our reliable worldwide 24/7 service and maintenance support is available 365 days a year.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

The highly increasing road traffic and transport requires intelligent and smart traffic solutions. Based on the latest IoT Technologies like RAIN RFID and LNPR Technology Kathrein can help to control traffic flow in urban areas, can generate Access into City center areas, or Packing buildings and Shopping malls. Based on our cost-effective passive RFID technology, the powerful and dynamic ITS network fulfils all future smart city requirements and saves infrastructure costs by using wireless connectivity integrated into the RFID Reader Devices.


  • Planning: feasibility study, surveys, network design, implementation planning
  • Implementation: installation, start-up and handover, project management, integration in ERP systems, mobile apps
  • Maintenance: technical support, hardware service, software service, on-site service, application and test centre
  • Material provisioning: accessories and consumable supplies, individual components
  • Training: hardware, software and application training
  • Logistics: worldwide supply chain and on-site management

Parking Made Easy

evopark is a young start-up but one that has already won several awards. With its expertise, creativity and dedication it has redefined the day-to-day car park experience. By applying cutting-edge technology, it provides motorists with innovative services directly on their smartphone. A contactless parking ticket is used to open car park barriers automatically. Kathrein provides the RFID system for integration at the barriers.


Searching for a parking space generates almost 30 per cent of inner city traffic. At the same time, many spaces in multi-storey car parks are left vacant. evopark taps into this potential by offering attractive and innovative parking services. The evopark app indicates vacant spaces in participating multi-storey car parks and towns and even provides direct route navigation to them if the user wishes. evopark set out to provide its customers with more service, time and convenience in the hectic rush of everyday life by means of a contactless parking ticket. Kathrein supported the young entrepreneurs in integrating the RFID system at the car park barriers.

Kathrein solution

Multi-storey car parks cooperating with evopark were fitted with Kathrein RFID-ARU reader systems. The evopark application was successfully integrated in the car park systems, complete with smooth interface connections. As a result, drivers now enjoy maximum convenience due to the UHF-RFID technology in the parking ticket. Entering and exiting the car park is reliable and fast since the barriers respond automatically to the integrated RFID chip. The smart per-minute charging system operates in the background.


evopark has been able to significantly increase customer satisfaction by introducing RFID technology. Motorists no longer have to queue at ticket machines or rummage for change. There is also less risk of losing the ticket because it can simply be left in the car. Invoices are issued conveniently at the end of the month. The car park operator benefits too, since the system reduces running costs.

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