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Complexity of end user devices in home network increased a lot over the last years.

The users are often not able to configure them autonomously and telco operators are forced to change device configurations or software packages more and more frequent. Operator’s helpdesk staff is overloaded with calls of unsatisfied subscribers.

Pivotel’s solution for these challenges is efficient management of customer premises equipment (CPE) of different types (home gateways, set-top-boxes, VoIP phones, mobile phones…) and different vendors, from single remote management system.

Using the Pivotel Remote Device Management (TR-069) solution, the provider is able to maintain services running on devices smoothly, giving the best possible user experience.

Remote Device Management (TR-069) solution provides several CPE management features that can be used in different operator’s departments, like helpdesk (end-user support), CPE operations team or marketing department:

  • Based on the TR-069 specification but extendable by other southbound protocols, like OMA-DM

  • Automated activation of devices (zero touch activation) and service provisioning

  • CPE inventory providing the possibility to add subscriber related data

  • Both single and mass device management operations

  • Firmware and configuration management

  • Additional easy-to-use tools available (customer support representative portal)

  • Diagnostics, performance monitoring and reporting

  • Standardized northbound interface for simplified OSS/BSS integration

  • Telco-grade security, high availability and scalability

The growth of the operator’s revenue is reached because the soliton is:

  • Enables more efficient marketing with monitoring of subscriber’s behaviour.
  • Reduces time to market for new services and applications.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn.

The solution decreases the inventory handling expenses in the following ways:

  • It helps to reduce the number of repair transactions (unnecessary device return).
  • It provides the automatic installation of the appropriate SW version to devices.
  • It provides the automation of service provisioning by integration

End user support expenses are decreased since the solution results in:

  • Avoidance of unnecessary calls to the service provider’s helpdesk.
  • Shortening of helpdesk call-handling times.
  • Subscribers getting efficient support for complex services.

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