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Access networks have advanced a great deal over the past years.

The ability to have a last-mile fiber access has become a reality. Widely available networking equipment is realizing the once-distant dream of overall connectivity. Today, FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) provides virtually unlimited BW (Bandwidth) and enables the simultaneous delivery of multiple services. FTTH is your ultimate solution for the next-generation access.

Choosing the best approach

We see the P2P (Point-to-point) Fiber Ethernet access infrastructure as the most simple, flexible architecture and a long-term future-proof investment. With separate optical fibers laid either from the CO (Central office) or PoP (Point-of-Presence) location to every individual user you will have practically unlimited possibilities in terms of BW.

Realized in a point-to-point symmetrical architecture, fiber shows all its advantages for broadband downstream and upstream services such as triple play, demanding business services and all kind of today’s emerging cloud services for residential and business users.

In company with P2P we also provide a GPON (Passive optical network) solution for mass subscriber coverage in areas where it is not possible to reach each and every end subscriber via a separate optical fiber.

Our way

With our ISA (Intelligent Service Access) we are ready to provide you the whole network from the end customer CPE (Customer Premises equipment) through access and aggregation with the confidence to guarantee you a simplified network design, enhanced service feature set, advanced subscriber management and low overall network TCO.

On top of that we offer a centralized management system with open interfaces to cover an ultimate open access network approach in combination with ISA, also from the supporting information systems perspective.

A sensitivity analysis shows that the primary drivers of return on investment in FTTH are take-up rate, cost per home passed, and availability of open access. Therefore it is important for you to choose the right architecture and always look for a future-proof solution of a scalable and flexible network that will be able to support service innovation. 

  • Network upgrade with P2P Fiber for demanding residential and business users

  • GPON deployment for the closed (condominium) environment, MDUs (Multiple dwelling unit), open neighbourhood configuration

  • Green field P2P Fiber deployment as the ultimate future-proven scenario

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