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High-performance central switching blade

High-performance central switching blade

The IDK central blade is a high-performance central switching and management blade for SI3000 Lumia. With its multiple 10GE network interfaces and extension possibilities through AMC slot it offers configurations of 1 Tb/s switching capability. Advanced network functionalities designed for residential, business and mobile backhauling interconnecting allows building various network topologies thought switching or routing mechanisms.

Duplicating the central blade in the Lumia shelf provides network redundancy and high availability with sub-50 ms resilience. Two central blades are logically seen as one, which offers extremely high bandwidths per slot (40 Gb/s) and flexibility in network topologies. Flexible and redundant connectivity to the network can be done using multi-chassis link aggregation, Ethernet rings, or distributed spanning tree.

Key features

  • Up to 1 Tbit/s switching, non-blocking
  • Multiple 10GE interfaces
  • High availability with sub-50 ms switchover
  • Advanced carrier-class functionalities
  • BBF and MEF-compliant feature set
  • Guaranteed QoS for service differentiation
  • Centralised shelf management

The AMC extension slot offers extensibility with various extension cards

  • More 10GE uplink interfaces
  • QSFP-based 40GE network interface
  • Deep-packet hardware acceleration
  • Hard disc drive for traffic capturing
  • x86-based processing platform for private-cloud applications

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