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INNBOX C30 - Fiber Termination Unit

Fiber Termination Unit

Design awarded Fiber Termination Unit (FTU) Innbox C30 introduces a flexible and modular indoor housing design to enable fast roll-out of new FTTH deployments. It provides easy installation and termination of fiber within residential homes, while reducing installation cost and preserving flexibility of user connectivity scenarios.

Easy integration with Active modules

The flexible Innbox C30 FTU housing enables easy integration with Innbox IP Network Termination modules (e.g. Innbox F20, Innbox F28) or Home Gateways (e.g. Innbox F60) by simple click-on principle which enables real self-installation approach (no intervention of technician is needed).

Connecting 3rd party CPE and extending fiber in the home

If required, Innbox C30 FTU can also connect any 3rd party FTTH modem by using standard patch cable. With same approach any Innbox FTTH CPE can be connected, generally with the need the active CPE to be located in another room or location.

Flexible powering options

After Innbox C30 is properly terminated, end user can Unit enables direct powering with external power supply adapter or indirect powering through NT or HGW attached. In addition Innbox C30 provides storage for redundant fiber optic cable (up to 10m) and special designed splice cassette to enable welding and fixing optical pigtail with connectors.

  • Compact form-factor, design awarded FTU solution
  • Includes fiber organizer and splice cassette – easy to maintain
  • Various installation scenarios coverage
  • Lower requirements for technical staff and training – shortening in-home installation time by 50%
  • Direct „click-on“ broadband CPE installation or patch cable extension
  • Faster deployment reflects in stronger revenue cash flow Optional RF receiver for CATV (remotely managed) – no need to invest on set-top box, cable modem and CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System)
  • Common power supply with attached NT or HGW
  • Standalone installation or in combination with NT or HGW

Innbox C30 Datasheet

Fiber Termination Unit

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