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ColoTe for the Internet of Things environment.

Coiote is a Comprehensive IoT Platform for M2M Device Management, Orchestration and Monitoring. The platform’s key features include the native support of M2M protocols such as the OMA LwM2M, MQTT and TR-069. This, together with extended virtualisation capabilities, enables the integration of diverse connected devices and simplified deployment and management of new M2M services. An extensive business intelligence module provides the possibility of pro-active alerting and Big Data analysis, permitting instant detection of any problems occurring in the IoT environment.

Personalize your toolbox

Every IoT environment in each domain requires a different set of tools. As a manager in a smart furniture factory you would be interested in completely different measures and reports than a manager of a fleet of smart cars. Tailor the system so it serves you and your business in the most efficient way. Choose from pre-configured charts, dashboards and reports ‒ or create your own.

Avoid unneeded expenses

By choosing cloud deployment of CoIoTe, you won’t spend a penny on expensive servers. You will get the access to the system which is continuously monitored by a team of our engineers. The connection to the system is encrypted and secured from unauthorized access, making your data safe.

Monitor and analyze your processes

In addition to creating business processes and workflows, you can also monitor their performance and improve them as necessary. Effortlessly gather data, define KPIs, choose from available visualization options and perform analyses to make your business even more effective.

LibLWM2M for integration of Internet of Things equipment.

Make your devices ready for the newest challenges that arise in the field of management and monitoring as the networks grow in size and diversity ‒ use libLWM2M to implement OMA Lightweight Machine-to-Machine (OMA LWM2M), an open standard protocol designed to face them.

Save your time and effort

Focus on the essentials and instead of implementing complicated internal logic of the management protocol ‒ let libLWM2M do the job. Concentrate only on features specific to your product.

Avoid incompatibility

Take advantage of the open nature of the protocol to market your products among different customers. As a member of the Open Mobile Alliance, we have taken as much care as possible to make libLWM2M interoperable with many different LWM2M servers available on the market.

Simplify testing and support

Access a dedicated installation of our LWM2M server to test your management interface in the same way that your customers will. And if you encounter any problems during integration, ask us directly ‒ our skilled and experienced engineers are ready to help you.

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