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In today’s challenging times, it is not easy to satisfy the needs for new services introduction.

No matter whether you are running a network upgrade or building a new green-field access network. You have to plan with caution to be successful in the long term.

It is not all about expenses and revenues; it is about creating satisfied subscribers as well as understanding and fulfilling their needs and demands. In order to fulfill that you will need the best network for a reasonable price. We believe that we can offer you this with our new ISA (Intelligent Service Access) network and service architecture.

Ultra open access gives the customers a free choice of services and service providers.

FTTH is your ultimate solution for the next-generation access to end customers home.

FTTB unusually the best proven approach for high subscriber density and offices.

FTTC enables efficient network modernisation and brings broadband services to end users.

Which network model?

The network model itself is also of great importance, especially when building new networks or doing major upgrades to existing ones. Once more you have to decide which network model to use and what services you need to run. But even before that you have to make a decision about whether you are going to be a service provider or you intend to open your network to one or more service providers. Each choice brings you to several scenarios. 

Which technology?

One cannot simply say which step to take to deploy a system with reasonable investment costs and the desired ARPU. Therefore, it is very important to use the right technology and take into consideration all the important aspects before deciding to go with a particular technology in the last mile.