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Atlantis Hydrotec Integrated Smart Monitoring (iSM)


Atlantis Hydrotec Integrated Smart Monitoring (iSM)

Integrated Smart Monitoring (iSM) is a technology application that can be overlaid onto an Atlantis Hydrotec installation of fibre optic cable within a water pipeline to add significant value and benefit to a Water Authority.

Atlantis Hydrotec allows the highly cost-effective deployment of fibre optics using a patented ‘pipe-in-a-pipe’ technology which utilises existing water mains infrastructure to act as conduit for the ultimate deployment of fibre optic communication cables.

ISM uses the technique of turning a single fibre within the installed fibre bundle into a distributed microphone running the length of the Atlantis Hydrotec installation to detect and pin-point exactly where a leak occurs within the pipe infrastructure.

The Atlantis Hydrotec iSM technology offers unparalleled reliability and sensitivity, with the ability to locate a leak to within 5m. Each interrogator unit can actively monitor up to 50km of pipeline with the ability to network multiple interrogator units to facilitate the monitoring of 1,000s of kilometres of pipes from a single location, allowing rapid engineering response to repair the leak before it turns into a major event or serious burst.


  • Up to 50km of pipe monitored a single iSM Interrogator Unit
  • Interrogator units can be networked to monitor 1,000s of kilometres of pipe line
  • Instant identification of ‘events’ and located to within 5m
  • Auto alerts raised to ensure rapid response
  • Allows immediate mobilisation of repair crews, to the right location
  • Leaks can be fixed prior to becoming a major event or a catastrophic burst