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The Atlantis Hydrotec M-Series

The M series has been designed for use in multi-dwelling units providing fibre access to the existing structure of the building without the need for any alterations and overcomes the issues of landlord objections to works in communal internal areas.

External Connections

  • Designed to gain access to the service room or basement of an MDU or other multi-tenant site
  • No alterations to the existing structure of the building for fibre access
  • Overcomes issues of car parks, ornate areas etc.
  • Various pipe sizes covered due to the nature of the industrial water supply
  • Protected from future civils works
  • Can take multiple fibres depending on requirements

Internal Connections

  • Designed to provide access to the individual MDU unit from a typical cabinet
  • No requirement for surface or other trunking to deliver fibre within communal internal areas
  • Overcomes issues of landlord objections to works in communal internal areas
  • Various internal pipe sizes covered due to the variation in internal plumbing standards
  • Removes issues of asbestos disturbance in older buildings
  • No damage to drives, gardens, lawns patios etc
  • The system is robust and safe to use & compliant to water standards
  • Zero impact on freshwater supply
  • No disruption – as there is no need for any intrusive construction work
  • No heavy machinery required
  • Quick to install – typically in less than 90 minutes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Future-proof – existing cables can be replaced without disruption
  • Reduces negative perception from residents
  • Reduces CAPEX
  • Speedy deployment
  • Shorter time to achieve return on investment (ROI)
  • Lower investment in outside plant & machinery
  • Lower installation cost
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Viable solution for hard to reach locations
  • Removes the highly variable costs associated with the home-drop
  • Installation costs and times are independent of surface finish or run length
  • Reduces negative perception from community dwellers
  • Efficient use of existing resources
  • Social inclusion
  • Less traffic disruption
  • Lower capex costs when community funded
  • Revenue generation
  • Green credentials
  • Lower ongoing operating costs
  • Attracts new business and residents

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