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Public and Corporate WiFi2017-01-06T19:39:32+00:00

Hotspot (Public Wireless Internet Access, WiFi).

Most Public and Corporate WiFi Hotspot solutions consist of a simple WiFi “access point” plus a proprietary “hotspot controller” which manages authentication and connection through to a billing system. It is widespread and commonly available in hotels, cyber-cafes, coffee bars, airports and other public locations.

In comparison with existing “2 box” solutions CableFree provides higher levels of integration with a single-box Hotspot including WiFi access point plus hotspot controller features including authentication, connection to a billing system, bandwidth-per-user control, firewall, traffic shaping and anti-virus/worm suppression. Cloud Management is fully supported.

Advanced, highly integrated WiFi Hotspot Solutions

A CableFree Hotspot can use either fixed line (ADSL, lease line) or wireless backhaul using an optional second radio card. In a typical wireless application, the WiFi Hotspot operates in the 2.4GHz band, with backhaul in the 5.8GHz band to a major network node. Options including 3G and 4G/LTE cards for backhaul over cellular networks for remote locations and also for mobility on buses, trains, trams and other mobile platforms.

Reliable, High Capacity, Feature Rich WiFi

CableFree’s Hotspot solution is a high-capacity, highly reliable and rich-feature-set wireless products with high levels of integration and low cost of ownership. CableFree products offer up to 867Mbps and 1300Mbps capacity, low costs, advanced feature-set compared to existing Hotspot offerings and are installed in hours, not weeks

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