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RRU 4000 Series

The Kathrein RRU 4000 reader family is the next generation of RAIN RFID reader and the leading IoT device for all professional AutoID solutions.

Its high-performance 33 dBm UHF RF unit, optional connectivity modules like PoE+, Wi-Fi, 3G mobile interface and the powerful scalable processing unit will change the way how identification works.

Base on the latest RFID standards like EPC Gen2v2 / ISO 18000-63C Kathrein RRU 4000 Series supporting all market leading Transponder Chip Features for security, authentification and encoding.

TECHNICAL DATA – RRU 4000 Reader Series

RRU 4000 Reader Series
Family Data Sheet

Order No.: 52010287 | 52010295
  RRU 4400 | ETSI & FCC | Data Sheet | PDF

Order No.: 52010288 | 52010296
  RRU 4500 I ETSI & FCC I Data Sheet | PDF

Order No.: 52010289 | 52010297
  RRU 4560 | ETSI & FCC | Data Sheet | PDF

Order No.: 52010290 | 52010298
  RRU 4570 | ESTI & FCC | Data Sheet | PDF

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