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SI3000 Lumia G16: Compact 1U GPON OLT

Iskratel SI3000 Lumia G16 is a 1U GPON OLT that delivers comprehensive network services, performance and scale, optimised for different variants of residential and business access networks. Intelligent wire-speed broadband-access product provides sixteen GPON OLT ports together with four 10GE and six GE (two of them combo) uplink interfaces. Using the latest-generation 80 Gbps network processor, it already operates in flow-based mode and is SDN-ready. With its non-blocking architecture it is designed to meet the rapidly evolving bandwidth demands on passive optical access networks. Advanced network functionalities provide flexible residential and business interconnecting and mobile backhauling within various network topologies.

SI3000 Lumia G16 supports flexible 3-level hierarchical QoS which allows specifying QoS behaviour at multiple policy levels. Every level provides a high degree of granularity in traffic management. Hierarchical policies can be applied and chained at GPON OLT port level, ONT (subscriber level) and at service level. Depending on policy rules, various traffic management techniques, like: shaping, policing, classification, and restricting are provided.

Flexible VLAN tagging (with 8000 remarking rules) in the SI3000 Lumia G16 enables cost-effective 1:1 VLAN (VLAN per user) architectures as operator can use simpler ONT devices with a common ONT configuration.

SI3000 Lumia G16 supports 16 OLT ports, designed with wire speed throughput, intelligent traffic processing and ONT split ratio up to 1:128. While bandwidth demands grow, service disruption becomes increasingly more unacceptable; for traffic protection, product uses two 20GE uplink pairs (LAG) for 1+1 redundancy. For power supply protection, product uses two power inlets of DC type (-48V DC). An external AC/DC converter is optionally available to cover AC powered configurations. For easier integration into street cabinets, the product offers alarms for open door, power-module failure, AC mains failure and user-defined alarms.

Fast, flexible traffic processing (BBF TR-101 and TR-156 compliant) and low power consumption are provided using the latest-generation 80 Gbps network processor.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Standalone 1U product
  • ITU-T standard 16 GPON OLT interfaces
  • Standards-compliant OMCI management for managing ONTs
  • 1:128 split-ratio support
  • TR-101 and TR-156 compliant
  • SDN-ready architecture
  • Hierarchical 3-level QoS support
  • Selective Q-in-Q and flexible double VLAN Tagging
  • User-friendly CLI – easy configuration using service profiles with support for mass operations
  • Open Door / Power / Mains and User alarms for easier integration into street cabinets

SI3000 Lumia G16

Lumia G16, GPON 1U, 16 OLT ports, 4 x 10GE + 2 x GE + 4 x GE Combo ports (SFP/RJ-45), w/o SFP/SFP+

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