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SI3000 Lumia

The High-Performance Multi-Service Access Node.

The High-Performance Multi-Service Access Node

The SI3000 Lumia is a next-generation access and aggregation node that brings tomorrow’s technology into your network today. The modular design of the SI3000 Lumia combines multiple access options into a single product with different housing sizes, from single-slot 1U pizza box to 20-slot shelf. Lumia offers various subscriber-connectivity blades to connect end users via Ethernet P2P and GPON fibre, universal DSL and POTS. Central blades provide different uplink ports.

The SI3000 Lumia provides residential triple-play services with multiple HDTV-stream support, as well as MEF-certified L2 services (E-Line, E-Lan, E-Tree) for business users and demanding customers.

The Iskratel SI3000 Lumia is a multi-service access node, designed to provide highest capacity broadband fibre, DSL and hybrid (fibre + DSL) subscriber access for diff erent network scenarios:

  • FTTH with P2P or GPON fibre,
  • FTTC/B in hybrid fibre/DSL mode and
  • DSL and POTS from CO

Reliable, high-speed and flexible network connectivity is easily achieved using a central blade which acts as the interface to the core network and aggregates various subscriber connectivity blades.

When deploying a FTTH network, GE/FE point to-point fibre blades (with cSFP modules) can be used, as well as GPON fibre blades with up to 1:128 split ratio. In copper-reuse scenarios, universal DSL and POTS applications are available. The vectoring enabled VDSL2 blade has industry-highest 64 ports with support for both VDSL2 and ADSL2+.

SI3000 Lumia supports system-level vectoring, using one or two vectoring engines for up to 512 DSL pair vectoring (two times 256 DSL pair vectoring) in single shelf. POTS blade has 64 ports with the possibility to support H.248, MGCP or SIP control protocol. The SI3000 Lumia uses a single suite of software, regardless of the technology used in the access network. This results in easier and faster upgrades and simplifies deployment.

Open access

ISA provides the ground for open access, providing the subscriber with a free choice of service, and service providers the opportunity to compete on equal terms for customers. It turns the last mile into an asset that can be directly offered on the open market.

Low TCO and increased ARPU

With the ISA architecture the SI3000 Lumia simplifies the architecture of the network. In terms of service, Lumia shows primacy with flow-awareness functionality. Furthermore, the SI3000 Lumia is fully capable of over-the-top service delivery that requires QoS on demand, which is fast becoming an interesting new source of revenue. The SI3000 Lumia is MEF certified.

SI3000 Lumia Management and Provisioning

With the SI3000 Lumia various management options are available (EMS, NMS, etc.) facilitating any deployment scenario, while covering the full range of FCAPS and application needs. Lumia will reveal its full strength when used in connection with the SI3000 MNS Network Management System and Service Provisioning Platform. For smaller deployments an embedded Element Manager is available. However, for larger networks the use of the SI3000 MNS is recommended, as it effectively lowers the OPEX.

  • Guaranteed high QoE to the end user
  • Open access: Open market for providers and a free choice of services for users
  • Service-flow awareness and control
  • Reliable carrier-grade equipment: redundancy, reliability, resiliency
  • Scalable and modular equipment design
  • Last-mile diagnostics and CPE management functionality
  • MNS 2.0 Network Management System compatible
  • Pay-as-you-grow model for the operator
  • Open NBI for Service-provisioning platform
  • Carrier-grade software and hardware design
  • Service-flow awareness
  • MEF-certified business connectivity
  • Distributed edge intelligence with ISA
    SLA enforcement with ingress and egress policing and shaping
  • Comprehensive quality of service (QoS) functions and AAA-based policy enforcement
  • Gigabit subscriber connectivity
  • Combining an access and aggregation function onto a single node
  • Ethernet OAM functionality

SI3000 Lumia  |  Iskratel ISA SDN  |  SI3000 MNS

The High-Performance Multi-Service Access Node

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