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 Open Access building paradigm is an access model that provides broadband-access customers with fair access to services.

These services are provided by different and usually competing service providers. All the service providers share the same network provider’s resources. To the customers this open-access model gives a free choice of services and service providers. To indi­vidual service providers it guarantees equal terms for their service offer to the end customers through the shared resources of a network provider.

The open-access model gives customers freedom of choice with regard to the services they take.

While using voice services from one service provider, customers may use internet/data services from another, video services from the third one, and so on. Furthermore, customers may even collect services of the same kind from different SPs. In this way, customers minimize the costs of the services they use and/or improve the quality of their experience.

But if you want to ensure such a model, the role of the access equipment serving as just a “dumb pipe” no longer works. You have to add more intelligence and broaden the flexibility of your network. With our ISA (Intelligent Service Access) architecture you are able to offer a free choice of services and enable the subscriber to freely choose between service and application providers with a guaranteed highest level of end-user experience.

Apart from that our ISA helps you to reduce the total costs of ownership (TCO) for FTTH/FTTx networks, brings enhanced network security and quality of service, simplifies your service policy, and eases your service-provisioning procedures.

Every access node in the ISA architecture is service-flow aware, and therefore represents the next-generation access intelligence concentrator. Every access node performs several roles at the same time: it acts as a single service-provisioning and policy-enforcement point and as an end-user traffic aggregator.

With our ISA you have enabled your network management and control via a centralized management system, extending from the CPE device, through access, up to aggregation and the network border towards the service providers, other operators, clouds, etc.

Our ultra open access also incorporates open NBI for OSS/BSS dynamic service provisioning and SBI for third-party equipment managing.

Ultra open access networks suit all scenarios where a multiple service offer from multiple service providers is granted to the end user.

It is a future network-evolution step for incumbents moving from an LLU operator to a resource open-network provider. It is the best solution for municipalities and communities enabling them to please their people with a multiple service choice and great service quality as a consequence of the service providers’ competitiveness.

Ultra open access proves to be a great opportunity for utilities and alternative operators to supplement their service offer with additional services from multiple service providers. To the end users, it gives the possibility to self-provision their services, including bandwidth-on-demand and quota-limited services.

Open market

Open market, on the other hand, gives service providers equal rights to compete for end users through the network resources of the network operator.

Network Security

The security mechanisms in the ISA architecture are applied on the subscriber port. This is the point where the network security becomes truly effective.

Simplified core

A simplified aggregation L2 and core L3 network – ISA reduces the need for sophisticated aggregation switches and edge-routing devices.

The pay-as-you-grow concept

Enables operators & service providers to invest according to their size & needs. Allowing deployment of an access network in a very rapid, flexible way. ISA reduces OPEX for a rapid ROI.

The Free Choice of Service

A free choice of service enables the network operator to provide a unique user experience for the subscribers, giving them the chance to build their service packages from multiple service providers.

Service flow and last-mile awareness

Access nodes are service-flow aware & are capable of responding to the current traffic flow and event pattern characteristics. QoS handling is ensured according to the network provider’s service policy.

Cloud-proven network architecture

A cloud-proven network architecture with its enhanced network access intelligence and future service feature list together with an open-market interface is guaranteed to suit tomorrow’s M2M networks.

Real-time service provisioning

A centralized management point within the ISA architecture enables fully automated service provisioning in real time, without any need for manual intervention. For the providers, such an approach decreases the operational costs, allows proper service accounting and dynamic policy enforcement, and service provisioning.

Single access edge ISA architecture

Single edge – The ISA architecture joins the formerly separated data and video BNG devices in a single network element. The ISA is a pure IP-based network architecture and serves as a single fundament with no additional layers, multi-edge approaches and PPP sessions. The ISA architecture means IP network sessions only!

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