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Linkyfi is both a public WiFi access management solution and a powerful WiFi marketing  platform.

Linkyfi is a cutting-edge solution being both – a WiFi Management and E-Marketing Platform. It is a perfect tool for monetization and introducing Value Added Services into WiFi environments. Thanks to Linkyfi, you can not only gather data about your WiFi’s users, but also create personalised marketing campaigns. And these are only a few of Linkyfi’s amazing capacities!

Scalable solution with no limits

Linkyfi can be easily adjusted to your needs – there are no limits as to the number of enterprises added, accounts set up or logged in WiFi users.

Technical support

Use the 24/7 support made up of our top-level engineers to solve both easy and complex WiFi issues. You can be sure that the support team will rush to help you and your customers.

No installation needed

Reduce your costs automatically since Linkyfi does not require installation of any external hardware or software. Thanks to the fact that the platform is hosted on a cloud and offered as a service all you need to manage is a web panel. Still, it is not a problem to install Linkyfi in your data centre or migrate it to your premises when a number of your enterprise customers grows.

Linkyfi’s landing page builder allows you to easily create responsive landing pages and captive portals using various login flows, graphics, image slideshows and videos. You can use both a drag-and-drop editor or paste your own code for embedding elements from external sources. To make sure that your landing pages and captive portals look great on all devices, throughout the whole creation process you can use a preview mode.

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